You Gotta Love It

Our first 900-square-foot store opened on Patricia Ave. in Dunedin in 1979. We were there for three years. I was getting the business going while Linda, my wife, worked as a secretary to keep food on the table for our three children: Alisa, Chris and Adam (all who have since worked in the store at one time or another). We worked very hard those years (and every year since, now that I think about it!) until our accountant said it was feasible for Linda to work at the shop with me.

We quickly grew out of that store. In addition to needing a larger place, we also needed a street with more traffic flow, so we moved up to Main St. / S.R.580. With 1,800 sq.ft. we were sure we could accomodate most people's cycling needs. A few years later I found myself looking through the window of our over-crowded showroom across the street to a 12,000-square-foot furniture store, whose owner was about to retire. My wife said, "Oh no, not again!"  I said, "In that store we'd be able to have something for everyone who walks in the door." That's been our mission statement ever since.

-- Bob Nohren, owner.

Our Promise To You

  • We want to share our love of cycling with you. Whether this is your first bike or your twenty-first bike, we want you to experience the joy and freedom of cycling.

  • We promise to always bring you the best bikes, the best parts and the best accessories. The better the equipment, the more you'll enjoy your ride.

  • We'll provide you with clear and understandable information about our products and services. You'll always know you're getting just the right solution to meet your needs.

  • We offer everyday low prices on the best-built bikes available. Unlike some department store competition, when you buy from us you'll always know that you're getting quality.
  • We always make safety our highest priority. That's why proper fit and professional assembly are always included free of charge.
  • We recognize that we're only here because of community support. Therefore we feel it is critical to our future that we give back. We'll strive to improve our community for our customers, or neighbors, and our friends.


Our regular hours are listed below. Just come by and look around during these hours:

  • Wednesday thru Friday
  • Saturday             
  • Sunday                            
  • Monday & Tuesday

10am to 6pm
9am to 4:30pm
11am to 4pm

For any info regarding holidays, call us @ 727-736-4432.

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