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EZ Pedaler Electric Bikes

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World Class Electric Bicycles

EZ Pedaler electric bikes offer reliability and superior quality at an affordable price.

EZ Pedaler has eliminated all derailleur and exposed motor issues with its internal hubs. The tri-mode operation feature allows you to choose your level of exercise with the flip of a switch.

While the simplicity of EZ Pedalers makes them easy to operate, the design and quality components provide a ride that is unmatched in the industry.

High Quality Components

  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • High grade stainless steel

All Wheel Drive

  • Rear internal hub gear (Shimano)
  • Front hub motor (8 Fun)
  • Puncture resistant tires (Kenda)

Tri-Mode Operation

  • Pedal Only?
  • Pedal Assist on Demand
  • Throttle Only

36 Volt System

  • 300-350 W motor?
  • 600-700 W peak output?
  • Up to 20 mph (throttle only)

Lithium Ion Battery

  • 36 Volt 10 Ah, 12 Ah batteries
  • Up to 40 miles per charge
  • 1000+ charge cycles

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